Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Latvian woven mittens by Elizabeth-Anne Kukurs

Elizabeth-Anne Kukurs gave the guild a brief history of Latvian mittens.
These mittens were an important part of Latvian Cultural history. The
various patterns of the mittens generally reflected what area the knitter
(or wearer came from) In olden times, a young lady could prove herself
worthy of marriage by the quality of mitten she knit. Girls learned to knit
mittens from a very young age and on marriage part of her dowry would be a
chest full of mittens, and other hand knit items. Often many relatives
would contribute to this chest. Mittens were given to special wedding
These Latvian mittens were hand knit by Elizabeth-Anne, using hand spun and
in some cases had dies yarn. The mittens have a hand knit liner to double
the warmth. They are very cosy and comfortable during the chilly winter

Thank you Elizabeth=Anne. We really admire your beautiful presentation!

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