Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Congratulations to our Guild

5 Counties Seminar 2010 took place last Saturday in Guelph. it was a very interesting apporach to energized yarns from a very specialized spinner:
Eileen Hallman
of New World Textiles, North Carolina

Eileen is a weaver, spinner, dyer, engineer of fibre equipment, and fibre entrepreneur, as well as a respected instructor of weaving, spinning and dyeing techniques. Read more about her in the Summer issue of Fibre Focus and on her website,

Our Guild challenge was to produce any items spun and or woven with these two colours. Eventhough some of the Guild where a bit uncomfortable about using specific colours, it turned out to be quite exciting and creative.
Elizabeth Anne Kukurs was the one who decided to spin and knit a beautiful Fair Isle style scarf. Her ends with beads just had the right finishing touch to a great piece.
Out theme besides the colours we decided to work on The Comfort Zone. Not everyone from our Guild was excited to do something, be time or Summer issues and previous commitments, but the fact is that only three where the ondes which participated in the Guild Display.

Nevertheless the few works, Stella Tang and me where awarded for a joint piece we prepared as a Kleenex was really Great!

So for now, we say good bye to 5 Counties and we have another challenge to think about for next Fall 2011 in Cambridge.

See you soon!

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