Sunday, 23 May 2010

Great Festival of the Arts!

The 6th For the Love of Arts Festival was a wonderful day for all the arts in our Town of Oakville. The Handweavers and Spinners Guild participated with a booth, together with the Tapestry Studio.
Our display mainly showed hand spun yarns, woven samples from floor looms and tapestry weaving.

Lara Dayes, Mary Foster, Joyce Pacaba and Monica Day where greeting all the visitors interested in spinning and weaving. They showed how to use the spindles and the spinning wheels to young girls who where just fascinated about the experience of twisting the fibres!.

We all had a wonderful time because the festival was displaying the fibre groups such as the Knitters and Crochetters, the Fibre Arts group, the Hookers and tatters, the quilters and many other artistic not-for-profit groups.

Dances, music, painting, sculpture, photography...all together in an unforgettable time. Thank you ladies for taking your time to share your knowledge and expertise with the community.

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