Monday, 26 April 2010

For the Love of Arts Festival 2010

For the Love of Arts Festival 2010 is coming and it is our great opportunity to display some of the things we do in our Guild. We will be preparing activities for kids to understand the structure of weaving. Demonstrations in spinning wheels and some tapestries will be also there.

This is Oakville's most important day to share with the arts in Town. We also collaborate with the Oakville Historical Society, but it is at this time that we sit side by side performers, visual artists, independent groups and all the Non-for-profit organizations that make this Town one of the most important in cultural activities throughout Ontario.

Music, dance, art, all in the same venue. Oakville Town Hall will be hosting this year's event. Free entertainment for all the family. 3 stages simultanously performing all kinds of shows. My daughter and I happen to be in one of the folk dancing, so make sure you bring friends and relatives to this great event!
Hope to see you there!

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