Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Helena Asikainen Presentation

Helo my friends and Members of our Guild. I would like to share some ideasthat Helena brought to our atention in her presentation last January.

Helena is an artist, a wonderful interior designer and decorator. She is from Finland and also a weaver.

Helena AsikainenMEI - Modern European Interiors

Her show and tell presentation was precisely in the tendencies Europe has based in the rescue of textiles in our everyday life. Decorating textile based accents are wonderful !

Helena and the TextureWorld presentation was intended to revalue natural things, be it hand woven or hand spun using colours and textures in our lives.

The tendencies in Europe to use and or include felt is a MUST!

Texture adds interest and warmth in a cold cold world. All the technological advances have created our surrounding space impersonal and freezing spaces. That´s why theuse of bright plain colours like fucsia, apple green and whites with browns are important to contrast the ambiance.

The importance of values to natural materials which where long appreciated in Europe is now coming back. Simple lines in design in contrast with the warmth

of ANY fibre material or decorative accent will allow us to enjoy our spaces.

Thank you Helena for sharing these interesting ideas. You have opened us possibilities for new creations.

Have an excellent fibre week!


  1. Thank you Helena. We will be looking forward for your next presentation. You always give us so many ideas!



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