Sunday, 28 February 2010

Woven necklaces presentation

Last Friday Stella Tang, one of our members, made a show and tell presentation on a beautiful art and craft she has been practicing for quite a while: woven necklaces.
She not only has been following patterns already made, but also creating her own compositions incorporating beads from around the world.
She shared with us her prefered materials such as cotton or metallic threads,and waxed brown twine to do the warping.
One of the most important instruments she mentioned was the special hard needles to be set in a kind of a foam board.

The beads have to be set in an additional nylon thread before the weaving is done with a needle.

The shape of the figure can be as simple or complicated as the design can be.

Another different task would be the necklace support lines and the ends. Here we see how the round beads are included in this weaving.


  1. Thank you Stella. It was wonderful. As a weaver it is always fascinating to share these things to open our minds to try different things and techniques in our own media and or techniques. I would love to do an irregular tapestry in a large scale with thicker nails over a wooden board for example!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stella's presentation was awesome! I really enjoyed learning about her techniques, and seeing all of her beautiful work. Ixchel, you have really captured all of this in the great pictures!

  3. Thank you Irie. I have more pictures if you are interested.I just love thedetaisl of the beads interacting with the weaving. Being atapestry weaver it already opened my mind to new possibilities.
    Have a great fibre week.!



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