Saturday, 26 September 2009

Guilded Threads

Here you can see the finished tree: “ A Wrinkle In Time” and the black display: “Dressed Up and Somewhere To Go”. These are our group projects for the World of Threads Festival 2009, exhibited at the Oakville Town Hall. The techniques used for these two projects include spinning, weaving, knitting, bead work, silk fusion, natural dyes and embroidery.

The black squares of the second piece were originally to be the background for our tree. It soon became clear, however, that the black overpowered the delicate image of the tree. Since we had already quite a few of the squares completed, one of our members, who is also accomplished in working with beads, came up with the idea of joining the squares and adding embroidery. Here you can see what we ended up with - - we’re quite please with the result!

This is what we came up to at the end and we where pleased with our piece.

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