Monday, 7 September 2009

From sheep to shawl

Hi to all again. I am sorry that this posting is so late but we have been busy organizing the 5 Counties Seminar and the World of Threads Festival tapestry. I hope you can understand the delay! anyway, we want to share with you some pictures of our get-together at Friedl’s home. She has recently completed the OHS Spinning Certificate and wanted to share her knowledge about a variety of different fibres.

She invited us into her “studio” (a.k.a. basement) where she keeps a whole arsenal of fibres, natural or dyed, all ready to be spun. Friedl showed weavers like me, who have never used a drum carder, how to card fibre. She also passed on some good ideas on how to organize ones “stash”.
Thank you, Friedl, for sharing this with our group. I am sure weavers and spinners alike had a very interesting morning (except for the members who were terribly allergic to her cat!).
Sometime soon I plan to post more information on the workshop on “Thrum Mittens”, “Latvian Card Weaving” “Colour: Importance in Design” and much more!
Have a great fibre week!

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