Saturday, 3 April 2010

QEP design review

It has been very exciting to follow up on the advances for the project for Queen Elizabeth Park. This facility to be opened in 2012 (hopefully). The idea of the Town of Oakville to rescue an old high school and a recreational centre, and turn it into a facility that would host most of the performing arts like orchestras, choirs, training schools, theater as well as for the visual arts and media is coming to a reality.

From Left to right:

Leslie Masters representing the Oakville Fibre Arts,
Claire Loughheed, Senior Manager for Cultural Services, Recreation and Culture for the Town of Oakville, who we thank enormously for all her support through all this process by understanding the fibre groups needs.
Cathy Shaugnessy who is representing the Oakville Knitters and Crocheters Guild and the Free Form Group and myself, standing out to represent the Oakville Handweavers and Spinners Guild and the Tapestry Studio.
There is still one more group to name who will be participating with all of these for the same space and is the Oakville Sewers Forum represented by Catherine Goetz from the Distinctive Sewing.

It is fascinating to go through all the stages of this MEGA project. Meetings for the planning of the spaces, needs, detailing of the lights, fixtures, plugs, etc. have been taking place parallel to the partial demolition of the facility. Fase I is done. So now we head towards Fase II.
Once the demolition is over, now the Town is quoting companies to do the remodeling and delivering the facility.

I can´t wait to start weaving in our new space, especially since we have been homeless for so long.
The possibility of creating a Studio for all these groups gathered in one place(Fibre Groups Shared Space) is really exciting. Imagine the stitchers, sharing a workshop with the Sewing group meanwhile the weavers are doing their thing....on the other side of the Studio we could see spinners creating fascinating yarns for different projects and another small group practicing natural dying in the dye room!.....can´t wait until 2012!

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